Our apartment can be a second home for you. A place of tranquility in the beautiful bustling city of Málaga. We have made every effort to furnish the apartment with great care and comfort, so we hope you will enjoy it. RelaxSpain…. The following house rules will contribute to a pleasant stay..

General If you are missing something in our apartment or if you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us. All facilities that are located in the apartment are allowed and may be used by our guests. We ask you to treat our apartment as you are used to at home. We would like to point out that it is not allowed to receive additional, unregistered guests in the apartment or to let them stay overnight.

Kitchen Pay attention when working with the technical equipment of the kitchen, if in doubt check the user manual. Keep the kitchen clean, please only place crockery, glassware, pans and cutlery in the cupboards in a clean and dry condition. Do not place hot pans or other hot items on the table or worktop without a trivet. Always use a cutting board for cutting. Also leave the inside of the oven/microwave clean. Damage and responsibility No one will intentionally damage things, it can happen to anyone! Any damage to Apartment Casa don Carlos, household effects or other property, we reserve the right to pass this on to you. This also includes damage that has been detected up to 72 hours after your departure. Neither the landlord nor Casa Don Carlos are liable for loss, theft or the occurrence of personal injury and/or damage to your property if these unexpectedly take place on the site or outside.

Environment We ask the main tenant to treat the rented property with care and to ensure that other persons in the party also meet the rental conditions. Our apartment is in a complex with other apartments, we are jointly responsible for the public areas. We ask you and the other guests in the party to take this into account, especially between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Waste and cleaning Waste is separated as much as possible, glass, paper, metal and plastic packaging. Various underground containers are available on the street (outside the complex). Take the waste to the containers in between and when you check out. Avoid anything that could clog the pipes (no hygiene items or wet wipes in the toilet). See also the leaflet on waste separation in the appendix. If extreme dirt or liquids happen to get on the floor or work surfaces, we ask that you remove it immediately. We ask you to leave the apartment as clean as possible and to put all used crockery, glasses, pans, etc. in the cupboards. If there is not enough time for the dishes on the day of departure, fill the dishwasher before departure. Cleaning utensils, sweeper & dustpan and vacuum cleaner can be found in the cupboard in the hall.

Internet/smart TV There is a wireless internet connection in the apartment. The access code on the first page of this folder. The use of the internet with your own tablet, smartphone, etc. via our network is free of charge. You use the Internet at your own risk, the landlord excludes all liability in connection with the use of the Internet of the tenant. You have access to Spanish channels via the TV, in addition, you have access to the Dutch channels via the Smart Apps, use your own Canal-Digitaal, Ziggo Go or KPN app. You can also log in to Netflix with your own account details (don't forget to delete your data when you leave)

Smokers / Pets Smoking is not allowed in the apartment. The apartment is equipped with smoke detectors. It is not allowed to keep pets in the apartment. Parking options If necessary, the car can be parked in the parking garage “Alcazaba” (Price: about € 2.10 per hour or € 26 per 24 hours) just 100 meters from our apartment or in one of the many other parking garages . There are free parking spaces at the port, see the map in this map or our website. (

Key Never give the key to others. If you lose the keys, please contact us immediately. The tenant and his party are liable for the costs of the emergency provision and the replacement costs of the keys and associated locks. It may be that in the evening the entrance gate (entrance complex, stairs) is closed, then walk 50 meters. further left around the building.

Check-out (departure) On the day of departure: We request that you vacate the apartment before 11:00. When leaving the house, make sure that lights, air conditioners, and other equipment are turned off, windows are closed, and